Install Ryzom

First things first. Go to and choose the button for your operating system to go to the correct download page. Follow the directions for downloading and installing a new program for your system.

There is a new launcher and changes have been made that I can not say that the below crossed out is still true or not anymore.

Ryzom is great that it even works on older computers and the three major operating system. Even my old Vista, Intel Core 2 with a tiny graphic card can tackle it on low graphic settings.

After downloading and installing you will need to start up the program for the first time and probably do a restart or two to update files. This means you will need to create an account and choose a user name and password. These are used to access your account log in, you will chose character names later.

The Username needs to be 5-12 lowercase characters and or numbers.

Your password needs to be 5-8 alpha and or numerical characters.

Make sure you give a current and good email address because this is how the support team will contact you.

Next Character Creation

*The X box in the top right of windows (for windows operating systems) to close out of most screens does not work in this game, instead look for the red box or circle with an X to exit game.


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