Must Have Mostly Offical Links

The very old New Player Guide This is old and some of the technical info is outdated, but as a overview of the game and races it’s a great resource. this list wouldn’t be complete without the homepage of the game.

Ryzom Facebook Page

Ryzom App Web Page This is a web browser based app of the in-game “apps”. You can access your characters Achievements, Craft recipe-book, Teams Roadmap, The Forums, Lore & Chronicles, In-game mail, Notepad, Character’s Profile, Occupations, RyzHome (your character’s apartment if you have purchased one), Ryzom API, and Support Page. It also has a calendar of up coming events and latest news and developments announcements.

Megacorp This is the web based chat of the in-game chat. The in-game chat does not have cut and copy and you can only past via “control + v”. This gives you the ability to copy and past and easily follow links. It is part of the game and not a third party chat hack.

Ryzom Forum This is the official Ryzom Forum web page and has a wealth of information.  You might need to create an account and log in to access some of the forum post. Here are the list of forum pages I use again and again:

The old Ryzom Forum Beginners Guide Link. This is the very old but still really good list of beginner guides from the Ryzom Forum.

Ryzom Wiki This is a fan/player maintained web site that has lots of useful information. Some of it is outdated and in need of clean up as any wiki site. Some the the more useful pages are listed and linked below:

  • Harvesting-The fundamentals to Harvesting
  • Macros
  • Special Commands-In-game Commands to get you going.
  • Emotes
  • Occupations-This is the starting page of the explanation of each occupation. It’s a great way for players to earn dappers to pay for items.
  • Crafting
  • Starting Out-this is a Categories page it is a list of different links in the Starting Out Category. Great place to find answers.

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