Must Have Non-Official Links

Ryzom Database/Silan Map-This is the old German unofficial wiki site. I’ve linked the Silan Map page because it’s is the only map of Silan showing needed resources for completing missions. Granted the locations are general and not pixel perfect, but nothing less a life saver. The rest of the site also has some very useful information too.

RyzTools-This will require you setting up an API link for each character, but it’s well worth it! It will show you items you have on the market and when they are going to expire, what quality of item you can wear and use, purse value, your inventory either by character or every character you have linked, skills,  and even all your characters skills side by side.

Ryzom Armory-This is a great little calendar and season tracker for Ryzom.

Cookies Guides-This is a link to the forum post of the cookies guild. It’s not really a guild, but an organization of players that like helping other players. This forum post is a list of links to all their wonderful tried and true guides to the game.

Ballistic Mystix-This is the home page of the most useful site for the game. It has links to many other useful sites as well. It contains a wealth of tools and information for the beginning to advance player:

  • Silan guide(s)-A full transcript of the Silan Guides, for all of those of us that click next just a little too fast.
  • Fight XP-A fight experience point calculator. Enter you team size, highest skill used and the XP range you are looking for. (6000 is the max you can get in game per kill.) You can even narrow down by mob class and type. It seems to be slightly off, but still a great and useful tool.
  • THE MAP-The most useful tool! This is a searchable map. You can search harvesting mats, mobs to kill, specific NPCs, teleport locations, portals, even re-spawn points. Over on the right are buttons you can toggle display items on and off: zoom out, zoom in, re-center, map type display, labels, teleports, portals (this seems to work best when fully zoomed out, and hovering on the white dots gives you the portal destination), outpost, tribes, NPCs. Once again this is not a pixel perfect map, but it will get you in the general location.
  • The Mobs-This is the list of all mobs in-game. It shows the name, class and level of each mob on the front page. You can click each mob name and get specifics of each mob such as damage type done, affliction immunities and percentage protections against certain types of damage, the resources it can drop and their uses, the name of each level of mob, it’s level number and star system, and grade of loot dropped and even some general locations of mobs. Note that the level color matches the color of the ring on the target box info and most times the target rectile in-game.
  • Resources-This page will tell you every basic material that is available in game to gather. Foraged mats and what can be harvested and Quartered mats are what can be looted from kills. It even gives you info from mission mats and outpost production mats, and seasonal info. Note that when you view a category (Ammo Bullet/Armor Clip/Barrel…) there is a link at the bottom of the list for a detailed view to give you more info.
  • Armor Gallery and Dressing Room-Pages where you can see what armor, hair, tattoo will look like before you try it in-game.
  • Item Gallery-This grate page shows you a picture of the item, tells you what race, what quality, and it’s full in-game name. Great for all those missions that say the formal name for an item.
  • Craft Patterns-How many of what for what? This is that page, while it won’t tell you the best item for crafting an item, it will tell you what category and how many you need.
  • Weather/Calendar-This is a must have for any good forager for Prime Roots and Nexus and/or Excellent and Supreme mats on the surface. It will tell you when the next season change is coming and when the next weather change is coming. To show the weather graph click the weather graph link, you can then toggle different areas by clicking on the region name under the graph.

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