Setting up: Game Configuration Part two

You will start in first person view, if you prefer you can zoom out to third person by scrolling the mouse wheel.



Depending on you choice of language you will have a English Uni/French Uni/German Uni chat box front and center. Go ahead and click the little purple x in the right hand corner of the chat box. This will move the individual chat box to the chat box area in the lower left of your screen into a tab.

Read the Welcome to Atys box and click ok.

This game saves some settings to the server and some locally on your computer. This save happens about every 8 minuets.  If you make changes wait 8 minuets or watch System info for “your char” has been saved. message.

Moving Things Around

Any of the little boxes/window are movable in you game client. It takes a little practice and precision, but it’s mostly do-able:

First, notice that the outlines of the windows are faint until you hover your cursor over part of the box and then they brighten up. For some boxes it’s the title bar, others it’s an empty spot.

You want the border to become bright then click and hold (in an empty spot/no icons) and drag the box/window to the location on the client you want it at and release.

You can also resize most of the window/boxes on the client window also.  Just move the cursor over the edge of a box till you see the double headed arrow cursor and click and hold and drag. The boxes that are exempt from this are: Compass, Bonus/Malus, Ryzom app bar, Menu bar, Action bar, your stat box, and your target’s stat box.

Some boxes have a tiny little box that has what looks like a T/i symbol in it. You can click on that little icon to rotate through different layouts for that box.

The Chat Windows:

You can right click on the top of the chat box to add or remove tabs by clicking on the Tabs and checking or un-checking boxes.

The user tab is a combination of the other tabs and you can display or hide different chats from other tabs in this tab by right clicking the tab title and selecting(bold)/de-selecting(faded) chats.


Multiple Chat Windows: Right clicking on a tab will remove it from the chat box into it’s own window. To return the individual chat window back into the primary chat box just click the X in the top right corner of the window/box.

Most players have the System Info pulled into a separate box so that they can see damage and harvest info as it happens.

If you have previously separated a box and moved it to a different location, the next time you separate it out it should return to where you placed it before, if your client complete a save while it was in it’s previous location.



Additional or Not so many Windows/Boxes

  1. Click on the red box with the computer SystemConfigIcon
  2. Then click on Windows

This will open up a window where you can add to client(check)/hide in client(un-checked) different information windows. This window also shows you the current shortcut keys to display these windows (little letters off to the right).

Windows and their descriptions (ones in red are recommend to have displayed until you are comfortable removing them):

  1. Identity You will live and die by this window. It is all your character stats.
  2. Missions Your current mission and time left to complete time sensitive mission is here.
  3. Target Gauge is the box that shows your target’s stats
  4. My Gauges is the box that shows your stats
  5. Bonus/Malus is the little box that shows and buffs or de-buffs
  6. Encyclopedia is the window to show the rites and knowledge you have learned in game
  7. Guild Info is guild members, out post info, and current online/off-line
  8. Guild Forum window to your guild forum area. Each guild has a forum area.
  9. Team displays all your team’s stats, and can be used to set leader, and target players.
  10. Compass radar view of surroundings, right clicking on bottom bar open menu
  11. Map region view window that you can zoom in/out and make location marks on
  12. Action primary action bar, note that it has 10 views your can scroll though
  13. Action #2 a secondary action bar so you can display a second set of action
  14. Inventory everything you are carrying and the Equip tab for changing what your wearing
  15. Action Progression what level which skill is at
  16. Active Links I never use this so I’ve forgotten what it does
  17. Main Chat the primary chat window
  18. Contact List your friends and block list
  19. Mailbox rarely used in-game mail
  20. Fame your standings toward factions, races, tribes and guilds.
  21. Web an in-game window to Ryzom Tools
  22. Animals stats and locations of your mounts and packers (mainland only)
  23. Game Configuration where you tweak your client to your liking
  24. Keybindings where you can do all kinds of key customizing
  25. Macros in-game macro window, the only macros allowed are ones you create via this!
  26. Connection Server connection information
  27. MP3 Player you can set the game to play your own music
  28. Taskbar The little box that has icons to many common actions and links

Running Ryzom on a Windows computer:

First thing to know is that Ryzom was built for Linux, so it’s a little different than most any other game. This post is for Windows users only. If you are using Steam on Windows this does not apply. Next is a little techy, but bear with me, it will be painless.

They released a new client which brings many changes:

Managing the Affinity:

Your computer has a brain called a CPU, it can have anywhere from 1 to over 8 sections called cores. In general, the more you spread the work out over all the sections, the better it all goes (this is an overall generalization and not a rule to live by, and there are exceptions to this idea). Each time you start up Ryzom it’s default is to only use one core(section) so you will need to open the task manager and set it to use all. You can also use a program to manage this, but I have no experience with them.

The following steps work for window 7 and 10:

  1. Right click the task bar
  2. Click Task Manager

Window 7:

  1. Click the Processes Tab
  2. Click the Show processes from all users button at the bottom of the screen
  3. Click the CPU title bar till you see a little blue arrow pointing down

Windows 10:

  1. If this is the first time working in the task manager at the bottom, see a button with an arrow pointing down “more details” click this to fully open your task manager. (If you see an up arrow with fewer details skip this step.)
  2. Click the Details tab
  3. Click the CPU title bar till you see a little black/gray arrow pointing down
  1. Right click on client_ryzom…..
  2. Click on Set Affinity
  3. Click <All Processors> so that there is a checkmark showing in all boxes
  4. Click OK at bottom right
  5. Click X at top right to close task manager

Done! Each time you open (or open a new instance of) Ryzom you will need to do this, unless you have a program to manage this.

Running Multiple Clients:

First make sure you have your client set to run in window mode (just to make life easier).

  1. Have your game up and running
  2. Click on red box with computer icon
  3. Click on Game Configuration
  4. Click on little box with + symbol next to Graphics
  5. Click on General
  6. Uncheck Fullscreen box in upper right
  7. Click Apply
  8. Click OK

Now just launch the game like you would normally and log into a second, or third, or forth account.

Footnote: I have not used Windows 8 so I can not advise how that works, and it has been so long since I use Windows XP that I don’t trust my memory to give instruction on it.