Running Ryzom on a Windows computer:

First thing to know is that Ryzom was built for Linux, so it’s a little different than most any other game. This post is for Windows users only. If you are using Steam on Windows this does not apply. Next is a little techy, but bear with me, it will be painless.

They released a new client which brings many changes:

Managing the Affinity:

Your computer has a brain called a CPU, it can have anywhere from 1 to over 8 sections called cores. In general, the more you spread the work out over all the sections, the better it all goes (this is an overall generalization and not a rule to live by, and there are exceptions to this idea). Each time you start up Ryzom it’s default is to only use one core(section) so you will need to open the task manager and set it to use all. You can also use a program to manage this, but I have no experience with them.

The following steps work for window 7 and 10:

  1. Right click the task bar
  2. Click Task Manager

Window 7:

  1. Click the Processes Tab
  2. Click the Show processes from all users button at the bottom of the screen
  3. Click the CPU title bar till you see a little blue arrow pointing down

Windows 10:

  1. If this is the first time working in the task manager at the bottom, see a button with an arrow pointing down “more details” click this to fully open your task manager. (If you see an up arrow with fewer details skip this step.)
  2. Click the Details tab
  3. Click the CPU title bar till you see a little black/gray arrow pointing down
  1. Right click on client_ryzom…..
  2. Click on Set Affinity
  3. Click <All Processors> so that there is a checkmark showing in all boxes
  4. Click OK at bottom right
  5. Click X at top right to close task manager

Done! Each time you open (or open a new instance of) Ryzom you will need to do this, unless you have a program to manage this.

Running Multiple Clients:

First make sure you have your client set to run in window mode (just to make life easier).

  1. Have your game up and running
  2. Click on red box with computer icon
  3. Click on Game Configuration
  4. Click on little box with + symbol next to Graphics
  5. Click on General
  6. Uncheck Fullscreen box in upper right
  7. Click Apply
  8. Click OK

Now just launch the game like you would normally and log into a second, or third, or forth account.

Footnote: I have not used Windows 8 so I can not advise how that works, and it has been so long since I use Windows XP that I don’t trust my memory to give instruction on it.


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