Choosing Your Character’s Race and Faction

Before you create your first character you need to make some choices. Contrary to popular though it does matter what race you choose to start because that will affect where you end up after the starter island and what your fame is. (for detailed information on fame read a great post here.)

**Keep in mind that nothing is set in stone, you can change factions and race at any time, and you can teleport or trek (on foot travel) to any land you want to.

After you finish at the starter island you get to choose where you start on the Mainland. The three main point to consider are:

Crafting: If you want to continue leveling your crafting skills right away then it is recommended that you go to the capital city of you race. If you do not start at your races capital then you will have to spend 50 skill point to learn that races crafting and spend additional skill points to get that races crafting patterns; OR wait till you can trek to your races land to level your crafting skills.

Re-spawn Points: When you die hopefully someone will heal you back to life (rez/rezzed/rezzing), if not you will have to re-spawn at specified points. Re-Spawn points are different from teleports or portals, but are typically combine with them.

Roll Play : Trykers are fun loving, boozing, and traders. Matis are condescending because of the connection to royalty. Fryos are belligerent and drinkers. Zorai are meditative.

For a in depth overview of each race see the old new player guide post.

There are two main factions/religions and each race is associated with one to begin with Kami (Zorai/Fryos) and Kara (Matis/Tryker). Respawn points are either Kami, Kara, or neutral. Each land is associated with a faction: with Kami being Desert and Jungle, and Kara being Lakes and Forest.

Each land has 2 types of re-spawn points neutral and faction. If you are Kara (Matis/Tryker) and are in Kami lands (desert/jungle) you will not have as many available re-spawn points as if you were a Kami in Kami lands and vice versa. At higher levels this is a mute point, at lower levels this can make all the difference between taking an hour or a day to grind levels especially in less populated areas of the game.

**Even though you will start as neutral your character is still associated by game mechanics as one faction or the other, you are not aligned to that faction though. (I have not chosen to align with Kama or Kara so I can’t say for sure if the available re-spawn points change when you switch factions. Remember re-spawn point are different from teleport or portals)

There are four main surface area’s of the game, each area is sectioned into different level areas having 50 levels per area:

  • Witherings also know as the Jungle. It is the land of the Zorai and Kami aligned.
    • Pros: easy 1-50 mainland starting area with little to no agro, easy harvesting area, has a very easy occupation that can be done quickly.
    • Cons: 51-100 level area has large amounts of agro, less populated, the capitol city Zora is known to make some systems crash when you run into the city, second hardest area to trek out of, and the regional teleport system is poorly placed, seems to have the second slowest race but the margin of difference has no impact on game play.
  • Burning Desert is the land of the Fryos and is Kami aligned.
    • Pros: easy 1-50 level and 51-100 level area with some sparse agro, and a well placed regional teleport system to different level areas.
    • Cons: Ties with forest for second popular area, and harder region to level harvesting skills, has one of the more complicated “easy” occupation.
  • Verdant Heights also know as the Forest is the land of the Matis and Kara aligned.
    • Pros: good harvesting area, beautiful forest lodgings
    • Cons: Lots of agro, ties with desert for second popular area, lack of re-spawn points and so so placed regional teleport system.
  • Aeden Aqueous also know as the Lakes is the land of the Tryker and Kara aligned.
    • Pros: easy 1-50 and 51-100 mainland starting area with some agro, most popular region of the four, very easy occupation that is only a little more time consuming, better market trade than the other regions, good regional teleport system to different level areas, the fastest race but has no impact on game play.
    • Cons: One of the hardest areas to trek out of, not the easiest area to learn harvesting, and lots of swimming to get from area to area (swimming is much slower than running)

Creating Your Character

At the Character Selection screen click on an empty slot on the left. This will be the permanent home of your character’s thumbnail. Next Click on Create New button in the bottom right corner.

**Note that in the main window you can click and hold and drag right and left, top and bottom to get different views of the character you are creating. The Play button (arrow) in the bottom left of the main screen will start and stop your characters animations.

First pick you civilization from Fyros, Matis, Tryker, or Zorai in the upper left of the main window. (please read my previous post on choosing faction and race)

Then click on the Gender box and choose male or female in the upper left of the main window.

Click on the Body box and slide the gems right and left to make changes.

Click on the Face box and slide the gems right and left or click on the arrows to make changes.

Click on the Actions box and slide the gem right to left to choose a specialization:

  • Fight: Adds Increased Damage 1
  • Magic: Adds Fear 1
  • Forage: Adds Basic Prospection Action
  • Craft: Adds 50 additional generic raw materials and Crafting plan for Gloves

The best option is to choose Craft, the second best is Fight. If you are certain that you have no interest in ever crafting, choose Fight. I highly recommend choosing Craft and at least completing the craft mission on Silan (starter island), the extra material it provides is the best bonus of all of them.

***IMPORTANT you can not change any appearance of your character after this except for hair and tattoos and it will cost a large amount of in-game money (called dappers) to do so. (Clothing, armor, weapons are not included in this warning and can and will be changed frequently.)

When satisfied with you character click finish in the lower right corner.

Currently there is only one Community/shard/server for the entire world, so just click OK button.

Choose your basic key set up that you like to use, this is changeable later on also. Click OK button.

Finally you get to choose a name for your character. No special characters, spaces, numbers. or accents are allowed.  Please note that teaming up is important and people will have to type out your name to find you and save you. The longer your name is, the goofier spelling, the longer it will take for someone to type and help you. Your name says a lot about you, if you choose the name buthead do not expect people to readily help you when you ask. Think and choose CAREFULLY! If you get Invalid name, please try another, it means that name is already taken or you ignored the naming rules.

Finally you are set to play, click play