Must Have Non-Official Links

Ryzom Database/Silan Map-This is the old German unofficial wiki site. I’ve linked the Silan Map page because it’s is the only map of Silan showing needed resources for completing missions. Granted the locations are general and not pixel perfect, but nothing less a life saver. The rest of the site also has some very useful information too.

RyzTools-This will require you setting up an API link for each character, but it’s well worth it! It will show you items you have on the market and when they are going to expire, what quality of item you can wear and use, purse value, your inventory either by character or every character you have linked, skills,  and even all your characters skills side by side.

Ryzom Armory-This is a great little calendar and season tracker for Ryzom.

Cookies Guides-This is a link to the forum post of the cookies guild. It’s not really a guild, but an organization of players that like helping other players. This forum post is a list of links to all their wonderful tried and true guides to the game.

Ballistic Mystix-This is the home page of the most useful site for the game. It has links to many other useful sites as well. It contains a wealth of tools and information for the beginning to advance player:

  • Silan guide(s)-A full transcript of the Silan Guides, for all of those of us that click next just a little too fast.
  • Fight XP-A fight experience point calculator. Enter you team size, highest skill used and the XP range you are looking for. (6000 is the max you can get in game per kill.) You can even narrow down by mob class and type. It seems to be slightly off, but still a great and useful tool.
  • THE MAP-The most useful tool! This is a searchable map. You can search harvesting mats, mobs to kill, specific NPCs, teleport locations, portals, even re-spawn points. Over on the right are buttons you can toggle display items on and off: zoom out, zoom in, re-center, map type display, labels, teleports, portals (this seems to work best when fully zoomed out, and hovering on the white dots gives you the portal destination), outpost, tribes, NPCs. Once again this is not a pixel perfect map, but it will get you in the general location.
  • The Mobs-This is the list of all mobs in-game. It shows the name, class and level of each mob on the front page. You can click each mob name and get specifics of each mob such as damage type done, affliction immunities and percentage protections against certain types of damage, the resources it can drop and their uses, the name of each level of mob, it’s level number and star system, and grade of loot dropped and even some general locations of mobs. Note that the level color matches the color of the ring on the target box info and most times the target rectile in-game.
  • Resources-This page will tell you every basic material that is available in game to gather. Foraged mats and what can be harvested and Quartered mats are what can be looted from kills. It even gives you info from mission mats and outpost production mats, and seasonal info. Note that when you view a category (Ammo Bullet/Armor Clip/Barrel…) there is a link at the bottom of the list for a detailed view to give you more info.
  • Armor Gallery and Dressing Room-Pages where you can see what armor, hair, tattoo will look like before you try it in-game.
  • Item Gallery-This grate page shows you a picture of the item, tells you what race, what quality, and it’s full in-game name. Great for all those missions that say the formal name for an item.
  • Craft Patterns-How many of what for what? This is that page, while it won’t tell you the best item for crafting an item, it will tell you what category and how many you need.
  • Weather/Calendar-This is a must have for any good forager for Prime Roots and Nexus and/or Excellent and Supreme mats on the surface. It will tell you when the next season change is coming and when the next weather change is coming. To show the weather graph click the weather graph link, you can then toggle different areas by clicking on the region name under the graph.

Must Have Mostly Offical Links

The very old New Player Guide This is old and some of the technical info is outdated, but as a overview of the game and races it’s a great resource. this list wouldn’t be complete without the homepage of the game.

Ryzom Facebook Page

Ryzom App Web Page This is a web browser based app of the in-game “apps”. You can access your characters Achievements, Craft recipe-book, Teams Roadmap, The Forums, Lore & Chronicles, In-game mail, Notepad, Character’s Profile, Occupations, RyzHome (your character’s apartment if you have purchased one), Ryzom API, and Support Page. It also has a calendar of up coming events and latest news and developments announcements.

Megacorp This is the web based chat of the in-game chat. The in-game chat does not have cut and copy and you can only past via “control + v”. This gives you the ability to copy and past and easily follow links. It is part of the game and not a third party chat hack.

Ryzom Forum This is the official Ryzom Forum web page and has a wealth of information.  You might need to create an account and log in to access some of the forum post. Here are the list of forum pages I use again and again:

The old Ryzom Forum Beginners Guide Link. This is the very old but still really good list of beginner guides from the Ryzom Forum.

Ryzom Wiki This is a fan/player maintained web site that has lots of useful information. Some of it is outdated and in need of clean up as any wiki site. Some the the more useful pages are listed and linked below:

  • Harvesting-The fundamentals to Harvesting
  • Macros
  • Special Commands-In-game Commands to get you going.
  • Emotes
  • Occupations-This is the starting page of the explanation of each occupation. It’s a great way for players to earn dappers to pay for items.
  • Crafting
  • Starting Out-this is a Categories page it is a list of different links in the Starting Out Category. Great place to find answers.

Choosing Your Character’s Race and Faction

Before you create your first character you need to make some choices. Contrary to popular though it does matter what race you choose to start because that will affect where you end up after the starter island and what your fame is. (for detailed information on fame read a great post here.)

**Keep in mind that nothing is set in stone, you can change factions and race at any time, and you can teleport or trek (on foot travel) to any land you want to.

After you finish at the starter island you get to choose where you start on the Mainland. The three main point to consider are:

Crafting: If you want to continue leveling your crafting skills right away then it is recommended that you go to the capital city of you race. If you do not start at your races capital then you will have to spend 50 skill point to learn that races crafting and spend additional skill points to get that races crafting patterns; OR wait till you can trek to your races land to level your crafting skills.

Re-spawn Points: When you die hopefully someone will heal you back to life (rez/rezzed/rezzing), if not you will have to re-spawn at specified points. Re-Spawn points are different from teleports or portals, but are typically combine with them.

Roll Play : Trykers are fun loving, boozing, and traders. Matis are condescending because of the connection to royalty. Fryos are belligerent and drinkers. Zorai are meditative.

For a in depth overview of each race see the old new player guide post.

There are two main factions/religions and each race is associated with one to begin with Kami (Zorai/Fryos) and Kara (Matis/Tryker). Respawn points are either Kami, Kara, or neutral. Each land is associated with a faction: with Kami being Desert and Jungle, and Kara being Lakes and Forest.

Each land has 2 types of re-spawn points neutral and faction. If you are Kara (Matis/Tryker) and are in Kami lands (desert/jungle) you will not have as many available re-spawn points as if you were a Kami in Kami lands and vice versa. At higher levels this is a mute point, at lower levels this can make all the difference between taking an hour or a day to grind levels especially in less populated areas of the game.

**Even though you will start as neutral your character is still associated by game mechanics as one faction or the other, you are not aligned to that faction though. (I have not chosen to align with Kama or Kara so I can’t say for sure if the available re-spawn points change when you switch factions. Remember re-spawn point are different from teleport or portals)

There are four main surface area’s of the game, each area is sectioned into different level areas having 50 levels per area:

  • Witherings also know as the Jungle. It is the land of the Zorai and Kami aligned.
    • Pros: easy 1-50 mainland starting area with little to no agro, easy harvesting area, has a very easy occupation that can be done quickly.
    • Cons: 51-100 level area has large amounts of agro, less populated, the capitol city Zora is known to make some systems crash when you run into the city, second hardest area to trek out of, and the regional teleport system is poorly placed, seems to have the second slowest race but the margin of difference has no impact on game play.
  • Burning Desert is the land of the Fryos and is Kami aligned.
    • Pros: easy 1-50 level and 51-100 level area with some sparse agro, and a well placed regional teleport system to different level areas.
    • Cons: Ties with forest for second popular area, and harder region to level harvesting skills, has one of the more complicated “easy” occupation.
  • Verdant Heights also know as the Forest is the land of the Matis and Kara aligned.
    • Pros: good harvesting area, beautiful forest lodgings
    • Cons: Lots of agro, ties with desert for second popular area, lack of re-spawn points and so so placed regional teleport system.
  • Aeden Aqueous also know as the Lakes is the land of the Tryker and Kara aligned.
    • Pros: easy 1-50 and 51-100 mainland starting area with some agro, most popular region of the four, very easy occupation that is only a little more time consuming, better market trade than the other regions, good regional teleport system to different level areas, the fastest race but has no impact on game play.
    • Cons: One of the hardest areas to trek out of, not the easiest area to learn harvesting, and lots of swimming to get from area to area (swimming is much slower than running)

Install Ryzom

First things first. Go to and choose the button for your operating system to go to the correct download page. Follow the directions for downloading and installing a new program for your system.

There is a new launcher and changes have been made that I can not say that the below crossed out is still true or not anymore.

Ryzom is great that it even works on older computers and the three major operating system. Even my old Vista, Intel Core 2 with a tiny graphic card can tackle it on low graphic settings.

After downloading and installing you will need to start up the program for the first time and probably do a restart or two to update files. This means you will need to create an account and choose a user name and password. These are used to access your account log in, you will chose character names later.

The Username needs to be 5-12 lowercase characters and or numbers.

Your password needs to be 5-8 alpha and or numerical characters.

Make sure you give a current and good email address because this is how the support team will contact you.

Next Character Creation

*The X box in the top right of windows (for windows operating systems) to close out of most screens does not work in this game, instead look for the red box or circle with an X to exit game.

Setting up: Game Configuration part one

You will start in first person view, if you prefer you can zoom out by scrolling the mouse wheel which is what I’ve done below.

Depending on you choice of language you will have a English Uni/Francais Uni/Deutsch Uni/Russian Uni/Spanish Uni chat box front and center. Go ahead and click the little purple x in the right hand corner of the chat box. This will move the individual chat box to the chat box area in the lower left of your screen into a tab.

Read the Welcome to Atys box and click ok.


Your screen should now look a little like this without all the notations.

Because most of us use out of game references we like to play windowed, so let’s dive into game set up: Hit the U key or on the Menu Bar click System/computer on red icon. I will walk you though a basic set up, nothing fancy.

Click the plus box next to Graphics > Click General

  • Fullscreen (box checked) and windowed (unchecked)
  • VBL Sync a link to a detailed explanation
  • Texture High/Normal/Low if you are running on an old system or 32 bit window it is recommend to run on LOW
  • Screen Ratio set the bottom box to Auto
  • Screen Control leave these alone, if you need to make adjustments use your monitor or computer setting to adjust.

Now click Apply and OK and exit and restart your game. (red x box in menu bar, bottom right of screen)

More Game Configurations: Hit the U key or on the Menu Bar click System/computer on red icon>click the + next to Graphics>

  • Click Landscape
    • You can choose Low/Medium/Normal/High preset or define your own, once again low is recommend for older systems.
    • Far Clip The maximum distance that landscape is drawn
    • Tile Near Clip (unknown)
    • Quality (unknown)
    • Micro-Vegetation off is unchecked, on is checked and between 10-100%, this is little added tuffs of grass and shrub to enhance the ground cover.

Click Apply

  • Click Character
    • You can choose Low/Medium/Normal/High presets or define you own
    • Max. Polygons this is the maximum number of polygons used to draw a character on screen, the more polygons the more detail a character will have.
    • Max. High Def. this the the maximum number of high definition character it will draw, if you set the limit to 5 characters, it will draw 5 characters in high definition, and the reset in low definition.
    • Far Clip is the maximum distance it will draw a character on you screen. If you set it to 50 m (the lowest) it will not draw characters beyond 50 meters.
    • Racial Animations this enables additional animations that are different to each race, think back to the play button on your character creation screen.

Click Apply

  • Click Special Effects these are things like flames on a fire, glow orbs on surface harvest nodes, seems mostly limited to lighted effects
    • You can choose Low/Medium/Normal/High presets or define you own
    • Max. Polygons this is the maximum number of polygons used to draw an effect on screen, the more polygons the more detail an effect will have.
    • Enable Shadows checked turn shadows on, unchecked off
    • Enable Bloom this seems to be a blur or softening effect to the screen.
      • Square Filter turns on the ability to control the density of the blur.

Click Apply

  • Click Sound (I like many player play with the sound off)
    • Enable Sound Checked is on, unchecked is off
    • Use EAX link to explanation
    • Soft Buffer this has to do with amount of sound processed and has a greater effect with the max tracks limited
    • Max. Tracks is the maximum number of sound tracks played at a time.
    • Volume
      • SFX Volume is the sound effects such as wind, MOB noises, nodes popping, campfires burning, fighting and weapon effects.
      • Music Volume You may only notice this for the splash screens of the game as Silan does not seem to have music.

Click Apply, Click OK, and restart the game again after these changes. Note that sometimes all changes do not take at once and some may have to be reset again with more game restarts. Your character and settings are saved to the server about every 8 minuets (note some things are not server saved, but saved on your computer, more on that later).

Even More Game Configurations: Hit the U key or on the Menu Bar click System/computer on red icon>click the + next to Input>

  • Click Mouse
    • Most of these are self explanatory and I’ll leave them to your choice
    • Hardware recommended to have this checked as it helps with slow responses from mouses.
    • Double Click Mode this means that if you double click something in-game the primary action will be taken immediately. If you double click a corpse you will loot it, but if you double click a live creature you will attack it. A word of warning, many a good player have died due to double clicking on the wrong thing by mistake.

Click Apply

  • Click Keyboard once again self explanatory, and more of a camera option than the keyboard options.

Click Apply

Click the + next to Interface>

  • Click HUD
    • Right-clicking also selects this allows you to select and bring up a right click menu in one click.
    • Follow the Attacked Target Most MOBs, Tribes, NPC, will turn and come toward you as soon as you attack, but in player vs player if your target tries to run you will follow them, for good or bad.
    • Attack the target as soon as selected not recommended unless you are very careful about what you are clicking on.
    • Auto Equip Mode this only works to auto equip your harvesting tool when selecting a node for harvest and is recommended.
    • Automatic Camera locks your camera onto your target. This can be a good thing at times and bad. If you have it turned on and you try to mouse pan your screen it will immediately snap back to your target until you use the move keys.
    • User Character Fading this fades your character if you hover your mouse over it, and the opacity of the fade can be controlled by the slider bar.
    • Dynamic Display of Current Action This is additional animations of your characters current action.
    • Show Clock in Compass this shows your time zone current time in the compass (not the game time).
    • Show Target Reticle the white circles in the picture above. These are very handy and recommended. They will also change color with the type and level of target.

Click Apply

  • Click Windows
    • You can choose different background colors for windows for daytime and night time, click the color box, click a color, click apply
    • Global Opacity this is the transparency of windows and contents and left as is. It is better to set each window individually.
    • Mouse-Over Opacity apparently a setting to change the opacity on hover, not recommended to change.
    • Show 3D Item preview you can see a 3D image of what the item will look like on with this checked, when you click the info menu option of an item.

Click Apply

  • Click Heading Colors
    • You can choose different background colors for window title bars with this window.
    • Click the colored box you want to change, click the new color, click apply

Click Apply

  • Click Ring Header Colors
    • Same idea as Heading Colors.

Click Apply

  • Click Chat
    • Same idea as Heading Colors but this is for the Chat text colors in your chat window.
    • Enter Doesn’t quite chat box this means that you will be stuck in the chat box. Leave this unchecked.
    • Show Timestamps in chat make sure this is checked, this will allow you to see the time (in your current time zone) of each posted chat. This way you are not running to rez someone that asked 15 minuet ago.
    • Show Dynamic Channel Name in User chat unless you can remember what each of the 7 dynamic chat channels are, check this so that it tells you which dynamic channel it came from at the beginning of a post.
    • Show online/offline Notifications will post log in and out of friends, team mates, and guild mates.
    • Font Size this slider bar controls the text size of all chat windows.

Click Apply

  • Click Entity Colors
    • On your compass you can change the colors for each entity here.
    • Click the color you want to change, click the color, click apply

Click Apply

  • Click the + next to In Scene
  • Click Player Info 
    • Choose what to display for your character.

Click Apply

  • Click Friend Info
  • Choose what to display for friendly characters
  • Choose what to display for NPC
    • Check all 3 NPC options at the bottom till you are familiar with who and what everyone is.
    • The small icon option will reduce the large icons next to NPC to small colored dots, not recommended till later on.

Click Apply

  • Enemy Info this will allow you to see and PVP enemy info in game.

Click Apply

  • Click Chat Message
    • Player Chat Bubbles: displays your own chat messages in a bubble above your head.
    • Friend Chat Bubbles: Displays other players chat messages in a bubble above them. This is great for locating players that need a rez. You can see the chat bubble long before you can see them, or see their dot on radar.
    • Enemy Chat Bubbles: Displays PVP enemy chat above there head. Once again can be useful seeing an enemy from a distance.

Click Apply

  • Click Landmarks
    • This will change the color of the flags on you map. Click the Color, click new color, Click Apply.

Click Apply

  • Click Help
    • make sure this is checked for now to give you extra help info.

Click Apply

Click OK

Creating Your Character

At the Character Selection screen click on an empty slot on the left. This will be the permanent home of your character’s thumbnail. Next Click on Create New button in the bottom right corner.

**Note that in the main window you can click and hold and drag right and left, top and bottom to get different views of the character you are creating. The Play button (arrow) in the bottom left of the main screen will start and stop your characters animations.

First pick you civilization from Fyros, Matis, Tryker, or Zorai in the upper left of the main window. (please read my previous post on choosing faction and race)

Then click on the Gender box and choose male or female in the upper left of the main window.

Click on the Body box and slide the gems right and left to make changes.

Click on the Face box and slide the gems right and left or click on the arrows to make changes.

Click on the Actions box and slide the gem right to left to choose a specialization:

  • Fight: Adds Increased Damage 1
  • Magic: Adds Fear 1
  • Forage: Adds Basic Prospection Action
  • Craft: Adds 50 additional generic raw materials and Crafting plan for Gloves

The best option is to choose Craft, the second best is Fight. If you are certain that you have no interest in ever crafting, choose Fight. I highly recommend choosing Craft and at least completing the craft mission on Silan (starter island), the extra material it provides is the best bonus of all of them.

***IMPORTANT you can not change any appearance of your character after this except for hair and tattoos and it will cost a large amount of in-game money (called dappers) to do so. (Clothing, armor, weapons are not included in this warning and can and will be changed frequently.)

When satisfied with you character click finish in the lower right corner.

Currently there is only one Community/shard/server for the entire world, so just click OK button.

Choose your basic key set up that you like to use, this is changeable later on also. Click OK button.

Finally you get to choose a name for your character. No special characters, spaces, numbers. or accents are allowed.  Please note that teaming up is important and people will have to type out your name to find you and save you. The longer your name is, the goofier spelling, the longer it will take for someone to type and help you. Your name says a lot about you, if you choose the name buthead do not expect people to readily help you when you ask. Think and choose CAREFULLY! If you get Invalid name, please try another, it means that name is already taken or you ignored the naming rules.

Finally you are set to play, click play

Setting up: Game Configuration Part two

You will start in first person view, if you prefer you can zoom out to third person by scrolling the mouse wheel.



Depending on you choice of language you will have a English Uni/French Uni/German Uni chat box front and center. Go ahead and click the little purple x in the right hand corner of the chat box. This will move the individual chat box to the chat box area in the lower left of your screen into a tab.

Read the Welcome to Atys box and click ok.

This game saves some settings to the server and some locally on your computer. This save happens about every 8 minuets.  If you make changes wait 8 minuets or watch System info for “your char” has been saved. message.

Moving Things Around

Any of the little boxes/window are movable in you game client. It takes a little practice and precision, but it’s mostly do-able:

First, notice that the outlines of the windows are faint until you hover your cursor over part of the box and then they brighten up. For some boxes it’s the title bar, others it’s an empty spot.

You want the border to become bright then click and hold (in an empty spot/no icons) and drag the box/window to the location on the client you want it at and release.

You can also resize most of the window/boxes on the client window also.  Just move the cursor over the edge of a box till you see the double headed arrow cursor and click and hold and drag. The boxes that are exempt from this are: Compass, Bonus/Malus, Ryzom app bar, Menu bar, Action bar, your stat box, and your target’s stat box.

Some boxes have a tiny little box that has what looks like a T/i symbol in it. You can click on that little icon to rotate through different layouts for that box.

The Chat Windows:

You can right click on the top of the chat box to add or remove tabs by clicking on the Tabs and checking or un-checking boxes.

The user tab is a combination of the other tabs and you can display or hide different chats from other tabs in this tab by right clicking the tab title and selecting(bold)/de-selecting(faded) chats.


Multiple Chat Windows: Right clicking on a tab will remove it from the chat box into it’s own window. To return the individual chat window back into the primary chat box just click the X in the top right corner of the window/box.

Most players have the System Info pulled into a separate box so that they can see damage and harvest info as it happens.

If you have previously separated a box and moved it to a different location, the next time you separate it out it should return to where you placed it before, if your client complete a save while it was in it’s previous location.



Additional or Not so many Windows/Boxes

  1. Click on the red box with the computer SystemConfigIcon
  2. Then click on Windows

This will open up a window where you can add to client(check)/hide in client(un-checked) different information windows. This window also shows you the current shortcut keys to display these windows (little letters off to the right).

Windows and their descriptions (ones in red are recommend to have displayed until you are comfortable removing them):

  1. Identity You will live and die by this window. It is all your character stats.
  2. Missions Your current mission and time left to complete time sensitive mission is here.
  3. Target Gauge is the box that shows your target’s stats
  4. My Gauges is the box that shows your stats
  5. Bonus/Malus is the little box that shows and buffs or de-buffs
  6. Encyclopedia is the window to show the rites and knowledge you have learned in game
  7. Guild Info is guild members, out post info, and current online/off-line
  8. Guild Forum window to your guild forum area. Each guild has a forum area.
  9. Team displays all your team’s stats, and can be used to set leader, and target players.
  10. Compass radar view of surroundings, right clicking on bottom bar open menu
  11. Map region view window that you can zoom in/out and make location marks on
  12. Action primary action bar, note that it has 10 views your can scroll though
  13. Action #2 a secondary action bar so you can display a second set of action
  14. Inventory everything you are carrying and the Equip tab for changing what your wearing
  15. Action Progression what level which skill is at
  16. Active Links I never use this so I’ve forgotten what it does
  17. Main Chat the primary chat window
  18. Contact List your friends and block list
  19. Mailbox rarely used in-game mail
  20. Fame your standings toward factions, races, tribes and guilds.
  21. Web an in-game window to Ryzom Tools
  22. Animals stats and locations of your mounts and packers (mainland only)
  23. Game Configuration where you tweak your client to your liking
  24. Keybindings where you can do all kinds of key customizing
  25. Macros in-game macro window, the only macros allowed are ones you create via this!
  26. Connection Server connection information
  27. MP3 Player you can set the game to play your own music
  28. Taskbar The little box that has icons to many common actions and links

Running Ryzom on a Windows computer:

First thing to know is that Ryzom was built for Linux, so it’s a little different than most any other game. This post is for Windows users only. If you are using Steam on Windows this does not apply. Next is a little techy, but bear with me, it will be painless.

They released a new client which brings many changes:

Managing the Affinity:

Your computer has a brain called a CPU, it can have anywhere from 1 to over 8 sections called cores. In general, the more you spread the work out over all the sections, the better it all goes (this is an overall generalization and not a rule to live by, and there are exceptions to this idea). Each time you start up Ryzom it’s default is to only use one core(section) so you will need to open the task manager and set it to use all. You can also use a program to manage this, but I have no experience with them.

The following steps work for window 7 and 10:

  1. Right click the task bar
  2. Click Task Manager

Window 7:

  1. Click the Processes Tab
  2. Click the Show processes from all users button at the bottom of the screen
  3. Click the CPU title bar till you see a little blue arrow pointing down

Windows 10:

  1. If this is the first time working in the task manager at the bottom, see a button with an arrow pointing down “more details” click this to fully open your task manager. (If you see an up arrow with fewer details skip this step.)
  2. Click the Details tab
  3. Click the CPU title bar till you see a little black/gray arrow pointing down
  1. Right click on client_ryzom…..
  2. Click on Set Affinity
  3. Click <All Processors> so that there is a checkmark showing in all boxes
  4. Click OK at bottom right
  5. Click X at top right to close task manager

Done! Each time you open (or open a new instance of) Ryzom you will need to do this, unless you have a program to manage this.

Running Multiple Clients:

First make sure you have your client set to run in window mode (just to make life easier).

  1. Have your game up and running
  2. Click on red box with computer icon
  3. Click on Game Configuration
  4. Click on little box with + symbol next to Graphics
  5. Click on General
  6. Uncheck Fullscreen box in upper right
  7. Click Apply
  8. Click OK

Now just launch the game like you would normally and log into a second, or third, or forth account.

Footnote: I have not used Windows 8 so I can not advise how that works, and it has been so long since I use Windows XP that I don’t trust my memory to give instruction on it.